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E-Skeletons for Comparative Study

One of the most stressful classes I had as an undergraduate in biology was Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates (CVA). Perhaps it was the long nights writing comparative papers, or the lab dissections, labeling and memorization, or maybe it was wrapping my head around the stunning similarities between species that I would never notice similarities in. Whatever the case, I’d never lost so much sleep (or cried) over so many impossible assignments.

I wish I’d known that the University of Texas at Austin (not my alma mater) had this resource available for bone study. It would have been an excellent supplement to my lab study. eSkeletons allows you to observe comparisons within the animal kingdom. 

The website also sponsors websites for a comparative analysis of “Lucy" (along with quizzes, games and lesson plans) along with a view of other hominid fossils. These could be useful if you’re either fortunate enough to cover human evolution in CVA, or if you’re an anthropology major, or even if you’re just curious.

Have fun!